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Most blogs fail within a few months because they lack a solid foundation to generate traffic and engage visitors. Avoid failure by using Bloggercasts to setup your blog to be secure and search engine friendly.



While this service is free, it isn't basic in any sense of the word. We first talk to you on Skype or over the phone to understand your goals. Then, based on your budget, we recommend a setup that is unique to you and sets you up for success. Once you approve of the plan, we implement it for you within hours.

Due to the personalized nature of this service, we can't tell you upfront what the foundational building blocks of your site will be. However, in most cases the following is included.


We help you select a hosting provider based on your goals.

Have big goals? we will set you up with a VPS. Not so tech savvy? we will recommend hosts that provide excellent customer service. Budget conscious? we can help you get your site online for less than 1$ per month!

We install self-hosted WordPress software and configure it based on best practices.

We can manage complex installations such as those with a dedicated machine for the database as well as simple one-click installs on shared hosting providers.

In addition, we follow best practices when configuring your WordPress install. The defaults aren't always the best choice.

We work with you to pick the best WordPress theme.

We work within your budget and ensure that your theme meets the needs of the modern web. We ensure that the theme is mobile friendly and can be search engine optimized.

We ensure your site can be indexed by Google and implement SEO best practices. This allows your site to rank higher in Google.

We show you how you to control the title and description that Google displays in the Search Results that display a link to your site.

We connect your site to Google Search Console and submit a sitemap so you can monitor your site's performance in Google Search and ensure that you continue to follow SEO best practices.

We show you around the Google Search Console and help you understand how to leverage Google Search Console to improve the rank of your site.

We connect your site to Google Analytics so you can monitor the actions of visitors on your site.

We show you around Google Analytics to help you understand the reports and metrics you receive (such as Bounce Rate, Users, Sessions, etc.)

We help you create and implement a Privacy Policy and Cookie Law Solution for your site.

The legal side of running a blog is often forgotten. A privacy policy and cookie law solution (if you are based in certain parts of the world) are necessary for your site.

We enable caching (browser and server-side) to maximize the speed of your setup.

Our setup ensures even a shared hosting server can handle tens of thousands of views per month without the host throttling your account.

We add security plugins to help protect your site from hackers. Depending on your budget, we configure a fire wall for your site.

WordPress sites are the most common targets of hacks. Our security plugins combined with our best practices ensure that your site doesn't get hacked.

We install a plugin to backup your site automatically at a frequency that makes sense for your site.

Depending on your budget, we enable live, incremental backups that provides a superior experience if you ever need to recover your site. Backups are the best protection against hackers.

We install an SSL Certificates to help protect the privacy of your site's visitors.

In addition, using HTTPS, improves your site's search engine rankings, allows you to collect payments on your site and improves the trustability of your site.

We will help you select a mailing list provider. Once selected, we will setup your domain with the mailing list provider so you can start growing your mailing list immediately.

Ask 10 successful bloggers what their biggest regret is, 5 will reply that they didn't start their mailing list soon enough (and the remaining 5 will wish they had Bloggercasts to help them setup their blog).

We will create a professional email address for you (like I have [email protected], you can use [email protected])

We will verify your site in your Pinterest Account. This will create a link within your Pinterest Profile to your site.

We will provide you with high quality video tutorials to help you publish your first blog post.


There are two reasons we provide this service for free, one is personal, the other one is professional.

Personally, after helping my mother and sister setup their sites, I realized the challenges that many people face as they setup their sites. Even with all the self help available (including the videos that I create on Bloggercasts.com), a small mistake can ensure your site never ranks on Google or make it vulnerable to hackers.

I don't want that for you. I want you to be successful. I want you to be focused on creating content. You have an important message to share with the world. I want to enable you to do that. That's why I offer this service. Now you don't have an excuse :).

Professionally, it makes good business sense. Most visitors who use our service, use our affiliate links. When you use our affiliate links, you get a discount at the hosting provider or the mailing list service and we get a commission from the site you made a purchase at. It is a win-win.

The affiliate commissions are usually not sufficient to cover our costs, however, we hope that you have a great experience and if you need any services in the future, you will consider Bloggercasts.



Firstly, I haven't seen a single person offer this service. If they do, please connect me with them. Many sites offer a similar service (like wpbeginner.com), but they are cookie cutter. No one else takes the time to talk to you on the phone and understand your goals. They simply click a few buttons and leave you to figure it out.

Affiliate Purchase Not Required

Every other site offering a similar service forces you to first make a purchase using their affiliate links. That isn't how we roll.

We understand your unique vision and recommend the services that are appropriate for you. We often recommend free services and even premium services that we do not have an affiliate relationship with.


Other similar services usually don't have the breath of experience we do. We have created sites capable of handling over 1,000,000 visitors per month on Amazon's servers. We have created membership sites and online course sites. We have even created sites that cost less than 1$ per month! No host required.


Integration with Mailing Lists, Pinterest Verification, Google Search Console and Google Analytics Integration and setup of a professional email address are not typically included with other similar services.

We help you setup everything you need to be successful as a blogger. We don't throw over a site and leave you to figure out the rest.


Simple, enter your email below to schedule a call with me. Don't worry you aren't signing up for my mailing list. I hate spam and I will only use your email address to contact you regarding setting up your blog.

If you have any trouble, simply send an email to [email protected]

*This service is exclusively for new bloggers. Please do not use this service if you already purchased hosting. While there is no affiliate purchase required, we rely on the chance that you will purchase hosting through our affiliate link to keep this service free.