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Measure your performance and make decisions on spam-free data. No more messing with filters and no more spam in your Google Analytics.



For one year, I will strive to ensure that your GA account is free from spam.

Spam Free Analytics

Filters exclude any spam from entering your view.

Spam Free Segment

View even historical data without the spam.

Data Backup

An unfiltered backup view to ensure no data is lost.

Personalized Filters

Filters are unique to your account and setup.

Unlimited Updates

If you change your setup, we update the filters.

100% Risk Free

Unhappy with our service? Get a full refund


“After following multiple guides on the internet, even from reputed sites like Moz, I wasn't able to eliminate all the spam from my account so I decided to sign up for this service. Nikhil set up my account and within a few hours of me signing up everything was done! All the spam in the language area and everywhere else in the account was simply gone when I used the segment he created. It was so nice to see the true data and all the actual people that were referring visitors to my site.”

Counselor at Trendy Parents


"I thought 97$ was quite expensive. Plus, I was sure this probably wouldn't work for me because I have a fairly unconventional setup. I saw that Nikhil had a no questions asked money back guarantee, so I decided I would give it a shot. OMG! I actually got a Skype call to personally discuss my account. This is truly personalized to your individual account, not some copy paste service."

The Brains at Mad Batter Bakery

"I didn't think the spam in GA was a big deal and I definitely wasn't going to pay someone to eliminate it. Then I took a Pinterest Challenge in which I needed to identify my best performing blog posts. I wasn't able to do it because of all the spam! My GA had become useless. That's when I decided to sign up and I absolutely love the new reports I have."

Founder of Answering Physics


Click on the button below to complete your payment. After payment is completed, you can follow along a video I provide for you to share admin access to your account with me.

I will take over from there. You can always contact me if you have any questions or concerns. I will be in touch as I make progress on your account.

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