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Bloggercasts aims to be the go-to resource for technophobic bloggers to launch their blog, grow their audience and ultimately earn a full-time income from their blog.

Made with Love for Bloggers

Bloggercasts is “Made with Love for Bloggers”.

Hundreds of thousands of bloggers have taken the courage to share their unique stories, their learnings and more. I believe each one of you who make this bold step deserve to be heard, have an audience that listens and engages with your content, and ultimately I hope we can improve each other’s lives by leveraging the power of Blogging.


Inspired by my wife’s efforts to make Disney’s websites, mobile apps and other digital offerings accessible, Bloggercasts is committed to following accessibility web standards.

This means all videos on Bloggercasts have captions, all audio files have a transcript and all images have alt tags, descriptive tags or captions as appropriate. In addition, my blog posts encourage bloggers to follow the same accessible web design best practices.

Suggestions for increasing the accessibility of Bloggercasts.com are welcome via email to [email protected].